Our membership fee is based on your total payroll (for employees) or total member remuneration (if self-employed). We have set this at 0.1%. So whether you have a few highly paid workers, few, or many low paid workers . We feel it should work out fairly across every type of worker co-op.

For example, if your total employee payroll for the year was £500,000, then you would pay a membership fee of £500.

If you do the calculation, and the total fee comes to less than £150, we would like you to pay £150, because this level has been set as a workable minimum, below which we would struggle to be able to provide a sustainable service to our members.

We want to be as inclusive as possible, especially for new organisations that might struggle to pay even £150. So there is 'pay what you can' option, Our goal will be to provide you with enough support over the following year so that you can be in a position to afford at least the minimum fee in future years

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