is registered as a co-operative society by the FCA in the UK. We are a federation of worker led cooperatives. Businesses owned and controlled by the people who work for them. This project and this website are both democratic works in progress. We plan to launch in Dec 2022.

Taken from our governing document:

The purpose of the Cooperative is to carry out its function as a cooperative and to
abide by the Cooperative Values and Principles, as defined and modified by the International Cooperative Alliance from time to time, in order to build a world where:
1. everyone has access to rewarding, meaningful and sustainable work;
2. the worker-controlled enterprise system is well known, easy to grasp, and aviable option for workers;
3. capital serves labour, rather than dominating or exploiting labour;
4. people retain the fruits of their work, and wealth is distributed equitably and fairly;
5. working relationships are characterised by true equality and mutual accountability;
6. people are able to collectively take control of their work, creating opportunities for skills and personal development, and for a better life balance; and
7. the production of goods and services is integrated with democratic community
development, and respects ecological limits.

There are many things we want to do:

  • Create a compelling case and authentic voice to promote worker
  • Develop resources, guides and tools to help people start and run great worker co-ops
  • Build a truly member driven network, that is lean, decentralized but highly effective.
  • Play a full part, alongside Co-operatives UK to build a broad and deep
    co-operative movement.

We are right at the start of this journey.

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