has been created to meet the needs of freelancer and worker co-ops. We are a democratic work in progress, our strategy and handbook should give you some idea of our plans and how we work.

If you want to get involved in any part of making this federation meet you or your co-ops needs, like:

  • Joining our Comms Goup to make web pages like this more engaging
  • Helping us design and deliver our member support programmes
  • Hosting or particpating in one of our peer learning networks
  • Creating, planning or taking an action in one of our campaigns

You can.

For a summary of how to get involved and what is all about, check out the Manifesto. 

Current activity

Below are some specific ways you can get involved. Or just reach out to us by saying hello and how you want to help on our forum.

Get involved in our internal working groups:

Become a member to get involved in one of our member networks or start your own: