has restructured its approach to strategic planning and delivering work resulting in two new strategic working groups (SGs), Co-op Support and Development and Movement Building, alongside the Board and Operations groups.

We have created strategic groups that align with our mission categories. SGs are responsible for setting strategy related to their mission points; planning and commissioning projects to meet their strategy; and thinking about the ‘bigger picture’. SGs are not responsible for doing work and will not get involved in operational activities.

SGs will be able to decide on their own strategic objective and on how to deliver against these objectives. They will also be able to decide how to spend money allocated to them. The Operations group, made up of the paid workers, will provide guidance and information to the SGs and ensure that their decisions align with the overall direction and priorities of

In terms of who does the work, project groups will be set up to complete projects or in direct response to comissioned work. Anyone from the SG can join project groups or pitch projects. An example of a project is’s Co-op Fortnight campaign.

In summary, Strategic groups are accountable for setting and delivering on their strategic objectives, and for ensuring that their strategy and any actions taken to meet it align with the overall vision, mission and values of SGs are accountable to the board.

Below is an overview of the new strategic groups and meeting information, as well as a sign-up form.

Co-op Support and Development


  • Providing access to coop support services and specialist training
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Supporting coops to identify and develop new trading and development opportunities
  • Providing opportunities for those interested in cooperatives to connect to and learn from existing work coops
  • Providing guidance and support for starting, converting to or growing working coops


  • Responsible for creating our co-operative support and development strategy and work plan based on the overall strategy and budget set by
  • Oversee the delivery of this strategy and work plan through commissioning projects
  • Create a safe and genuinely egalitarian culture and space for supporters and worker members to explore, decide and oversee our strategy and delivery of work.

Example Projects

  • Co-op Conversations
  • Peer networking
  • Pitch a training series

Movement Building


  • Building a grass roots base of worker cooperative organisers and supporters
  • Developing, compiling and disseminating educational and promotional resources to make the system of worker control and worker ownership more relevant and accessible to new workers
  • Participating in national and international cooperative networks and campaigns
  • Making alliances with other social and environmental movements

Domains to be explored by the new group

Example Projects

  • Co-op Fortnight
  • Autumn Assembly event
  • Speaking to worker co-ops

The first meeting date for Movement Building is 9 May 12-13.00, meeting link and info here.

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