Join our Member Learning group

Purpose: To educate people to start, strengthen and grow great worker co-ops.

1.    Design and oversee a range of learning opportunities for workers and supporters within our membership, increasing their skill and capabilities to meet the needs of their co-ops.
2.    Support the mobilisation group with the creation of induction resources to on-board new members and supporters of
3.    Design and oversee our “Co-op clinic” or other services to connect members with problems to solutions or supporters who can help.
4.    Make starting or converting to a worker co-op, well known, easy to grasp, and a viable option.

Now that our strategy and budgets are in place this group is being formed, is taking the lead on designing and delivering our members learning and support programmes. More detail can be found on this page in our Strategy.

The first project will focus on the creation of an online learning progamme of digital resources, webinars and peer learning. This will have the goal of reaching every worker member in our movement, to build their capabillities to be effective worker members for their co-ops.

The second project is a Co-op Clinic with the goal of desiging a programme to recruit, train and reward a pool of trusted supporters and advisers who we can match-make members with challenges to those who can help whether in a voluntary or paid capacity.

If you either have an interest on the service design side of creating the underlying technology, systems and processes to make this happen or are interested in writing content, training or faciliating our learning programmes themslves.  Do sign-up and we will be in touch. There are both volunteer and paid opportunities depending on the nature of the work and level of committment.