Join our finance group

Our Board has created a new sub-group to support them with overseeing our finances. This will have some Board Members delegated to it, but we are also looking for accountants or people with financial expertise to either formally sit on or be advisers to this new finance group.


To oversee and support the financial health of Ensuring it follows all legal requirements and good accounting practice. Working with the project coordinator to oversee and approve financial transactions in line with the Board approved budgets. 


  • To approve financial transactions within its own delegated budgets or that of budgets where there is no existing group with delegated responsibility.
  • To make recommendations regarding all financial policy and to ensure that the Board and other working groups financial policy decisions are fully informed, documented and implemented.
  • To propose an annual budget and ensure financial accounts are presented to the Board and other groups in a timely and understandable format to inform decision making.
  • To ensure adequate financial controls and authorisation procedures are in place to safeguard the organisation.