Autumn Assembly

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About the event

Our first opportunity to get as many members together. To build a community, celebrate our successes and work together on our challenges.

Are you serious about worker cooperation? Autumn Assembly will be the first chance for members and supporters to take stock together, since we were conceived at 2022's Worker Co-op Weekend. We created something new, that we owned, and that we alone were responsible for. 

Now it's time to relook at our vision, mission, strategy, and map out our future path.

We believe in liberating work, and helping as many workers as we can to connect to the worker co-op movement. After a year of 'forming and storming', the big questions are becoming clear:

  • Is the vision and mission still the right framing for how we move forward?
  • As a federation and a movement, what should our strategic priorities be?
  • What are our key tasks over the next year?
  • Are we organised in the right way?

If you're serious about worker co-operation, join us on the 25-26th October in Birmingham to work on these challenges, celebrate what we've achieved so far and strengthen relationships. The event will help decide our future direction and work plan.

This is not a replacement for our usual Worker Co-op Weekend in May. 

This event has some similarities:

Some differences

  • Is not self-catered, so no potato peeling 
  • No camping or other included accomodation, you need to sort yourself out
  • Has a seperate bookable party, with a bar and some yet to be confirmed "organised fun"

This event is still very much in planning and organising mode so check out the forum discussion here to share your ideas and if you want to get involved in the organising.

Ticket prices

Tickets are for the full event as we believe attending the whole thing is important for movement building. There are three ticket prices: Standard, priced to recover costs, Bursary aimed at members facing financial constraints and Solidariy aimed at members who can afford to pay a bit extra or for non members attending. If you are not a member and would like to attend at the Bursary or Standard rate. Join us

  • Bursary - £50 +VAT
  • Standard - £100 +VAT
  • Solidarity - £ 150 +VAT

On the 25th Oct evening we are organising a Party this is an extra £15+VAT for those interested to cover food and entertainment.


Accomodation is not included but budget options and organising beds can be found here on the forum.

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