Help with mobilising – phone banking

About the event

Sign up to call some worker co-ops and work on making links to grow our capabilities as workers

Help grow our reach as a federation, as well as make links between existing and new worker co-ops, so that we can better represent our shared interests and deliver specialised, focused support, benefits and resources to co-ops across the UK.


Phone banking

  • Call 1, 2 or 5 worker co-ops (or more)
  • Chose those in your industry or in your town or region
  • Follow the phone banking recruitment script so you know what message to give out, or have your own conversation
  • Follow up email templates available

We have everything you will need to be able to take on this role. Do as much or little as you want; fit it in where you can. Just note down how the conversation went, so someone else can follow up.

Next phone banking fedathon dates: 29 Feb ; tbc (March)