What you need to know about marketing as a worker member of a co-op

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About the event

Marketing involves understanding your customer needs and wants and responding to them - it's more than just advertising or social media posts. This interactive workshop aims to demystify marketing so Members can understand, test and influence their co-op’s marketing strategy.

This is our second webinar, run by Nathan Brown from our member learning group as a pilot for future member only webinars. 

It aims to improve understanding of marketing among Members and Directors of worker co-ops and explore the role they can play in improving the market position of their co-operative. A good marketing strategy will be based on the experience of Members across your worker co-op. We will explore tools and methods co-op Members can use to understand and influence the choices their co-op makes about marketing strategies.

Who is it for?

This interactive workshop is designed for all Members and Directors of a worker co-operative who want to better understand marketing. It is not designed for marketing specialists or "marketeers".

An improved understanding of:

  • Why marketing matters - The impact of marketing on a co-op's performance and survival
  • The various roles all Members can play in a co-op's marketing efforts
  • Tools and methods that can be used to explore, inform and test a co-op's marketing strategy
  • Common marketing strategies and ways to choose them
  • The link between marketing objectives and financial performance