Great Expectations: Where are the next generation of co-operators coming from?

About the event

This workshop is one of the fringe sessions at Co-operatives UK's Co-op Congress, in Manchester. To attend you will need to be a ticket holder for the Co-op Congress, you can book your place here:

Join us for this interactive workshop with Molly and Buncey. Hosted by and the Young Co-operators Network, this session aims to generate ideas about facilitating young people's engagement and involvement in the sphere of worker co-operation.

Molly lived in a student housing coop and has been involved in Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative, Students for Co-operation, Student Co-op Homes and now the Young Co-operators Network. Now she’s no longer a student how can she continue to be involved in co-operatives? Buncey had no idea about worker co-ops, but is now part of Suma, the UK’s largest worker co-operative.

In this session, we will generate discussion around:

  • What more worker co-ops could be doing to keep young co-operators involved in the movement
  • Increasing and fostering inclusivity for young workers
  • Reaching out more effectively to spread the word among young people about working co-operatively and being workers in a co-op
  • The huge potential for worker co-ops to positively impact working conditions in an era dominated by zero hour contracts and shift work

This session is aimed at young co-operators but is open to all. Book your place here:

You will find the session listed under the 'Fringe Sessions' on Sat 17 June here:

Some bursary places are available:

(If you're a young person in - or not in - a worker co-op and would like to come and take part in the session but can't afford it, please contact Molly Newhouse from YCN