What you need to know about governance as a worker member of a co-op

About the event

A worker co-op focused session around the systems and processes we use to run them. How the Members get their hands on the shared levers of power, demystifying every day and extraordinary planning and decision-making processes.

This is our first webinar, run by Mark Simmonds from our member learning group as a pilot for future member only webinars. 

Who is it for?

This session is aimed at both Directors and Members of UK worker co-ops.  For Directors as part of their continuous professional development and to check they are using good practice, aware of opportunities to improve how they do things, and feel equipped to be fully involved in their Director role.  For Non-Director Members it enables them to become a Director and/or hold Directors to account.

What you will leave with

  • A knowledge and understanding of the following:
  • How different worker co-ops structure themselves internally.
  • The factors affecting the choice of organisational model..
  • The relationship between the Member, Worker and Director roles in a worker co-op.
  • How Members can engage effectively with the running of their worker co-op.
  • Some of the typical issues that arise as worker co-ops evolve and how to deal with them.
  • Congratulations you will now be a worker co-op governance expert.