Commissioning and Procurement Policy

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About the event

Help to develop our Commissioning and Procurement Policy

What: We are looking for input into’s Commissioning and Procurement Policy.


  • Anyone who would like to inform’s commissioning and procurement process.
  • Or has relevant expertise or experience, in commissioning and procurement.
  • Or wants to see experience-based policy writing in practice.

We will be running a policy co-creation session on Tuesday 19th March, 2-4pm on Zoom. During the session we will use the experience-based policy writing process to create an outline of the policy.

The experience-based policy writing process works as follows:

  1. Get a group of people who have an active interest in a particular policy around a physical or virtual flipchart.
  2. Get the group to answer the question – ‘what do you want this policy to achieve?’
  3. Map one-two people’s experiences of a commissioning and/or procurement process. The experience can be from the persons current cooperative, or it could be an experience they have had outside of the coop. The experience can come from the perspective of the client or the person/people delivering the project/service/product.
  4. Ask the person/people who shared their experience to reflect on them, identifying what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what they would do differently. Invite other people in the group to share their reflections, or similar experiences they have had.
  5. Use the information gathered in step 4 and 5 to map an ideal Commissioning and Procurement Process.
  6. Return to the aims of the policy identified in stage 2. Would the group like to add any new aims, or make changes to the aims following the experience-mapping process?

 What we hope to get out of this process is:

  • The aims of the policy
  • The underlying values of the policy (these come out of the discussions in steps 4 and 5)
  • A rough outline of the Commissioning and Procurement Process

If you would like to be involved in the session register, or if you know our Zoom link just turn up.

Contribution to ongoing research: If and participants of the policy co-creation session consent, the policy co-creation session will contribute to two ongoing research projects.

  • Research into the processes and practices involved in developing
  • Research into approaches to collective policy writing in cooperatives.

Information on both research projects can be found in the ‘Research Information Sheet’ folder here