– What are we up to? (London)

About the event

Do business, join and shape the future of the worker cooperative movement! Free event in two parts. Book to attend just one, or both parts

9.00 -10.30

Join us for a light breakfast and high-powered Principle Six business referrals event, to generate business opportunities and make new links. Bring business cards and a pencil if you have them - and an open mind.

10.30 -12.00

An exploration of what has already achieved, and making future plans. The federation aims to motivate, educate and organise workers, uniting 400+ worker coops and worker-led enterprises in the four home countries and reaching out to supporters of industrial democracy. What’s the mission? What should we prioritise in our activity over the next two years? Get involved in animating by participating in our working groups or peer networks.

This is one of a series of regional in person events and online fortnightly webinars, aimed at raising awareness and getting organised.