– What are we up to? (Manchester)

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About the event

Join us to shape the future of the worker cooperative movement.

We have created a new federation of worker led coops, to motivate, educate and organise workers. With plans to bring together the 400+ existing worker coops in the UK and anyone else interested in growing this movement. So more people have control over and benefit fully from their own hard work.

There are a series of events taking place around the UK and online through fortnightly webinars. This event like those others is to : raise awareness, get feedback and start organising. So come along to find out what we are up to and how you can get involved in shaping the future of this new organisation.

Vegan Food prepared by will be available at the event. £5 donation towards the cost much appreciated. You can also bring your own booze.

The event itself is free, but takes place after conference, so take a look at that event too.