Who are we?

We help people in Bradford and Leeds grow more fruit easily.

What do we do?

We have a tree nusery where we grow fruit trees to sell. We manage an old orchard that produces lots of fruit for greengroces and juicing. We work with lots of schools and community groups to manage and use public orchards. We run training courses for people to learn to prune and propogate fruit trees and bushes. Lastly we prune trees for customers.

Quick facts

Industry Agriculture
Who are the members?Employees
PayEqual pay
Legal formCompany

How do we operate?

We have regular business meetings where all the workers make decisions.

Where did we come from?

The two founders met apple juicing after lockdown and started a small community orchard planting service. We took over the shell of a co-op legal structure. We’ve grown steadily and specialise in everything fruit related.

Why are we a co-op?

We believe in democratic control of businesses and workplaces. We are a social enterprise that wants the Bradford and Leeds areas to be more edible.

Lessons learned

We are stronger from holding hands with sister co-ops in Sheffield and Manchester.