Who are we?

A federation of worker led co-ops. Our purpose is to motivate, educate and organise people to start, strengthen and grow great worker co-ops.

What do we do?

  • Create learning opportunities for members via emails, webinars, events and peer learning.
  • Collate the best resources, templates and policies relevant to worker co-ops
  • Help people start-up and grow worker co-ops
  • Host member meet-ups, establish regional and industry networks
  • Campaign for worker co-operation and build links globally and with other social movements

Quick facts

Industry Campaigning
Who are the members?Worker co-ops + Workers
PayEqual pay
Legal formCo-operative Society

How do we operate?

We are a multi-stakeholder Co-operatives Society made up of two types of members: Member Co-ops and Worker Members. We have a Board of Directors, but day-to-day management and delivery takes place through sociocratic structures. We have seven working groups delivering activities on behalf of the co-op made up of over 35 worker members.

Where did we come from?

Although the idea of a federation specifically for worker co-ops had been around for years. We were inspired to start at the May 2022 “Worker Co-op Weekend” and incorporated in October of that year. The Worker Co-operative Council of Co-operatives UK became our founding members and interim Board of Directors.

Why are we a co-op?

We believe in a world where everyone has access to rewarding, meaningful and sustainable work.
Made possible by an interconnected and highly inclusive worker cooperative movement.

Lessons learned

As an organisation, be mindful to not go at the speed of the slowest, or to race ahead with the fastest. Take enough people with you.

Further reading

workers.coop Limited Handbook