One pager: NextCloud and the Forum

Welcome to this explainer on our digital platforms, which includes NextCloud and the Discourse Forum. aims to be transparent in what it does and how it does it, so all files are stored centrally in NextCloud and discussion is open in the Forum. All Members have access to public files, data and codiscussion on both NextCloud and the Forum. Levels of access vary according to Communications Policy.

Single Sign On (SSO) uses a Single Sign On facility, which logs you in to all platforms all at once and means you just need one log in and password to access NextCloud and the Forum. Find instructions on signing up and using the SSO in this Beginner’s Guide here.


NextCloud is a file storage and access system like Google Drive or Dropbox. It has a built in office function called OnlyOffice – where you can create and collaborate on documents/spreadsheets/presentations. See this guide for how to use Nextcloud.

  • The ‘Guides and Handbook’ folder contains our How Tos, Guides, Policies and Templates.
  • The ‘Logo and Visual ID’ folder contains logo artwork.
  • Each Working group has a folder within NextCloud. All documents within these folders are visible to all Members – whether you can view only or edit documents will depend on working group membership.
  • Meeting minutes and agendas can be found in the ‘Meetings’ folder.

The Forum

The Forum is a single, broadly public, online space where anyone involved, or interested in is encouraged to discuss, ask questions, feedback and chat. Anyone can access the forum, read posts without an account, and can create an account, and post. 

Looking at the left hand side menu when logged in, you will find:

  • Everything – all discussions, latest activity shown at the top
  • My Posts – everything you have posted, latest activity shown at the top
  • Categories – these are effectively threads or conversation around certain topics including Jobs and Principle 6, News and Announcements, Peer Networks, Questions. Note that the General Group is a private Category, visible to Members and Supporters
  • Messages and Personal Chat – a group and personal messaging system
  • Groups – these are discussions and connection spaces set up for the various working areas. They are private and closed to members of those groups but provide an overview of the active working areas.

Looking at the top right hand corner when logged in, you will find:

  • Search – search all forum content, with optional advanced search options
  • Profile – view Notifications, Messages, Bookmarks, Badges and Your Profile account settings.

If you have any log-in difficulties, email