About you

workers.coop needs a main contact person for each membership application, so for now we’ll put you down as the main contact. Other people from your co-op can be added later.

We’ll respond if you have any questions, and get back to you if workers.coop needs extra information.

About your co-op

This is the organisation that is applying for membership of workers.coop.

FCA or Companies House number if available

Subscription calculator

The subscription fee is one thousandth (or 0.1%) of your labour costs in your last financial year. The minimum level is £150+VAT. Please calculate your co-op’s contribution on the basis of:

  • Total wages bill (for employees) / 1,000
  • Total paid to members (for self-employed workers) / 1,000
  • These added together (for mixed employee/self-employed worker co-ops) / 1000
  • For example:

  • If last year your total wage bill came to £500,000, your subscription would be £500+VAT

Please copy the calculated figure into the box below.

If your co-op can’t stretch to £150+VAT because you're in ‘start up’ mode or have a special financial constraint, you may be eligible for membership for up to two years on the basis of ‘paying what we can’. In that case, please write in an amount you can afford.

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Please note: Your application will now be reviewed. If we need anything else, we'll be in touch soon. Once your membership has been approved we'll send a request for payment.