As you may know we recently sought nominations for the board of directors for workers.coop. As it is our first AGM, and first board election, all 7 board positions were up for reselection. We received exactly 7 nominations. This means there was no need for a contested election, and all 7 nominees will become the new board of directors.

We welcome in the new Board:

  • Richard Rowley, Agile Collective
  • Kiri Langmead, People Support
  • Ross Hodgson, Suma Wholefoods
  • Leigh Galletly, Greencity Wholefoods
  • Sean Farmelo, Birmingham Bike Foundry
  • Gemma Copeland, Common Knowledge
  • John Atherton, workers.coop

Thank you to the individuals previously on the Board, which include those who are re-appointed as Directors by taking on a new term as well as those stepping down. A continued thanks to Leigh, Ross, Kiri and John, and a big thanks to: Stephen Gill (VME Co-op), Dan Holden (Unicorn), Debbie Clarke (Unicorn), Cath Muller (A Commune in the North) and Siôn Whellens (Calverts/Principle Six).

The new board’s term will start at the upcoming AGM on the 29th May at 5pm. The term length is usually 2 years, but to ensure continuity, half the board will step down in 2025 so that each year half the board will be elected going forwards.